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There’s nothing quite like being able to step into a hot tub on a cool evening. A relaxing spa is a perfect place to wind down, have pleasant conversations, and feel at ease. But not all spas are made the same. While you may think that all you need is a container of hot water, there’s plenty more that goes into making the ideal spa. At Davis Home Trends, we only want to offer the best quality products for your home, which is why we proudly offer Coast Spas. Here’s just what makes these spas so unique.

Incredible Variety

When you choose Coast Spas, you get an incredible variety of options for unique hot tub and swim spa designs, representing the latest in innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction. Traditional hot tub designs come in a large range of sizes and include multi-level ergonomic seating so all of your guests can enjoy different levels of soaking. You can choose from different styles like Patio, Classic, Elite, Luxury, and Wellness Spas® series for a unique experience. With the exception of the patio and bathroom spa designs, you can choose from a variety of jet options for your spa, even going up to 82 jets.

In addition to the traditional spa style, you can choose curved hot tubs, which feature an elevated wall to protect you from wind and to provide extra privacy. The wall also supports the waterfall feature, which embraces you in warmth and relaxation. The waterfall is a full two feet wide, the largest of any hot tub waterfall, and is lit with an adjustable LED light.

Get all of your outdoor views while enjoying a luxurious ambiance with the world’s only infinity hot tub from Coast Spas. This incredible style is the only way to enjoy the dramatic and calming effect of an infinity pool in a portable fashion. Sit back and relax in warmth as you take in your unobstructed views thanks to the Infinity collection from Coast Spas.

Commitment to Quality

No matter which option you choose from Coast Spas, you’ll get to enjoy premium and uncompromising quality. Each hot tub and swim spa comes with stainless steel Trillium jets, resulting in long-lasting durability and reliable pressure. Even the frame of each spa is designed to enhance the appearance of your patio or deck, bringing a modern and sleek feel to your outdoor space. The outer frames of Coast Spas are pressure treated to assure you that your spa will stand the test of time. Thanks to Super-Sealed™ Barb & Clamp Plumbing, the internal workings of your spa will be able to handle years of consistent use without much maintenance. Plus, the anti-slip textured floor of each spa will help keep everyone safe, so you can focus on relaxing and feeling at peace.

Here at Davis Home Trends, we are proud to offer the best spas on the market with a great selection from Coast Spas. We are located in Davis, CA and serve Davis, El Macero, and Woodland, CA. Visit our showroom today to find the right spa for your home!

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